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Both Carving Room Kitchen & Bar and CR NoMa are what owners Oded Weizmann and Rachel Steiman believe are the quintessential neighborhood restaurants: places without pretense, locally owned by people who know and appreciate the neighborhood and the people who live and work there. They are places where families gather, old friends reconnect, and new friends meet for the first time. The recipe is simple: bring people together around scratch-made food, local beers, and craft cocktails in a space designed with them in mind.

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Carving Room

Carving Room Kitchen & Bar opened its doors in early 2013. The menu is built on its house-cured roasted meats. Whether it’s the 21-day wet-cured Corned Beef, the 9-day dry-cured Pastrami, or the house-ground 100% brisket that makes up the extremely popular Carving Room Burger, there is something for everyone. Over the last eight years, Carving Room has served thousands of guests each week. Whether you’re stopping in for a bite before an event at the Capital One Arena around the corner or you’re one of the regulars getting your usual for the third time this week, at Carving Room you will find delicious drinks and fresh food made from high quality ingredients - with service to match.

Fun Fact: Carving Room was featured on The Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives in January 2016! We were delighted to kick of season 24’s “All Kinds of Meat” episode and share our pastrami poblano sandwich, house-made chorizo, and Moroccan cigars with host Guy Fieri.

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CR NoMa opened in Spring 2019 in the fast-growing NoMa neighborhood in Northeast DC. CR (which stands for Carving Room) NoMa was a way for Oded and Rachel to express themselves in a new way in both design and menu while still holding on to their Carving Room roots. The goal was to create a great space that felt warm and light all at once while serving up innovative takes on familiar flavors.

The menu offers some classics from the original Carving Room, including the House Cured Pastrami Reuben, Moroccan Cigars, Sephardic Salads, and the Carving Room Burger, while mixing in some new favorites like the House Cured Pastrami Cuban. In the all-new dinner menu Oded once again takes inspiration from his Middle Eastern and North African roots, serving braised and grilled lamb, vegetable dipping salads, flatbreads, and grilled meats, all seasoned with the region’s signatures spices like coriander and cumin. The menu also features some new interpretations of original staples; for example, you’ll find Deckle from Carving Room’s house-cured pastrami and corned beef alongside cured duck, house pickles, cheese, and house-made mustard in the Lower East Side Charcuterie Board. CR NoMa was designed with community in mind, which is why the bar area was built with a 20-seat horseshoe bar and a 24-seat live edge Eastern Shore pine communal table where you can enjoy 15 local beers on tap, 2 draft cocktails, and a seasonal cocktail menu along with some great conversation.

Fun Fact: The NoMa neighborhood’s name is shorthand for “North of Massachusetts” because Massachusetts Ave serves as the southern perimeter for this lively neighborhood.

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